Sonic the Hedgehog CD is a unique game in the Sonic franchise. Released on the Sega CD in 1993, it had been a big success. In an all new adventure, Sonic must save Little Planet from the clutches of Dr. Robotnik.

Stage SelectEdit


At the title screen, press ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, B

Sound TestEdit


At the title screen, press ↓, ↓, ↓, ←, →, and A. Many secrets lie within the sound test, accessed by putting in certain values.

Debug ModeEdit

Put in:

FM40, PCM12, DA11


  • A Toggles object placement mode.
  • B Selects the next object.
  • C Places the selected object.

Hidden ImagesEdit


FM40 PCM12 DA11 A picture of Tails next to a Lotus 7 , with the text reading "SEE YOU NEXT GAME". This picture foreshadowed the upcoming Sonic Drift. This code also enables Debug mode.


FM44 PCM11 DA09 A drawing of Sonic with big, grey eyes with Japanese text above him. The text reads: "ゆーあーくーる", which can be translated as "You are cool" in English.


FM42 PCM04 DA21 A bizarre tribute to Batman.


FM42 PCM03 DA01 A DJ scene with Sonic, Metal Sonic, and Dr. Robotnik.


FM46 PCM12 DA25 A screen of disturbing looking Sonics and Japanese text which reads: "Infinite Fun. Sega Enterprises. -Madzin".

Apparently this is a message from Masato Nishimura, one of the landscape designers of Sonic CD. "Madzin"(which is pronounced the same as "majin") was Masato Nishimura's nickname since he was a child, "majin" being an alternate way to read his given name. The boss music plays during this as well, making this image especially creepy in the American version.

In the 2011 remake of Sonic CD, a sixth image can be accessed:


PCM32 DA08 An image of Desert Dazzle, a zone Christian Whitehead wanted to put into the remake of the game, but it was cancelled and removed from the final game. This code also enables the player to choose Tails in the stage select menu. Elements of this level were incorporated in Sonic Mania’s Mirage Saloon.

Hidden Special StageEdit


A hidden special stage can be accessed:

FM07 PCM07 DA07

Instant Game OverEdit

Leaving the controller alone will eventually cause Sonic to look at the you with an annoyed look on his face. After the controller is left alone for 3 minutes, Sonic will say "I'm outta here!" & jump off the screen, effectively giving you an instant game over, regardless of how many lives you have.

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